Drive-Thru Confusion: Rally’s

Today I surrendered to my cravings and decided my Sweetie and I would grab sandwiches from one of my all-time favorite – but most annoying – fast food sandwich chains, Rally’s.

Rally'sOh yeah, that’s correct. Rally’s. Rall-eees. For those unfamiliar, Rally’s is a large fast food chain offering mostly burgers. fries and drinks (hence the logo!), available only via their drive-thru windows. The food is cheap. C-H-E-A-P. Like two sandwiches for $4 cheap. Rally’s french fries? Beyond compare. However, one thing Rally’s does do that I hate? Rally’s will use essentially the same four words to describe every sandwich on the menu. Let me explain…

So, my Sweetie and I decided to have two of the “2for$4” Chicken Bacon Ranch Sourdough Sandwiches – or at least I thought that’s what we ordered. I mean, EVERY chicken sandwich on the Rally’s menu has at least three of those four words in its name: Chicken Bacon Ranch Sourdough, Spicy Sourdough Ranch Chicken, Bacon Sourdough Big Chicken, Bacon Ranch Chicken Sourdough and so on…

sandwichIt is MADDENING! I mean, c’mon – Rally’s MUST use more than four ingredients to make sandwiches, am I right? Rally’s? I love your sandwiches but ordering them makes me CRAZY!!!

Same with their fries – Rally’s fries are good. Not just “good good” but GOOD GOOD. And – surprise? They come in like four sizes: regular fries, medium fries, large fries and XL fries – plus you can get them with all sorts of crap on top – cheese, chili, you name it. Again – ordering? It is insanity…

friesWhenever I go to Rally’s I place my order and HOPE I get something close to what I wanted. The thing is, EVERY sandwich is essentially the same, and fries are fries are fries – sometimes they come in a 1.5 pound bag but, otherwise, all the same. And yet, no matter how distinctly or slowly I order, I never seem to receive the order that I shouted thru the speaker. Rallys? Here’s a suggestion:

Maybe if every chicken sandwich didn’t SOUND exactly the same, well maybe orders would be easier to take and more easily filled. I don’t know; it’s just a thought…

Oh, and you could also just come up with four additional words to use with chicken, LOL!


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