And Away We “Costco”

On Sunday, my beloved Martin and I had the opportunity to go shopping with our friends Scott and Joe at Costco – it was Martin’s first visit to Costco. In case anyone is unfamiliar with Costco, Costco is a “member’s only” buying club – mostly groceries but a smattering of everything else: apparel, jewelry, electronics, rugs, vinyl siding, mattresses – if you can imagine it, you can probably buy it at Costco – and in BULK…

See, that is the advantage/disadvantage of Costco – everything comes in HUGE packages, which is great for a family but not so great for just two guys living together. I mean, today we bought twenty-four (24) delicious pretzel-style sandwich buns:

Pretzel BunsAs well as like four pounds – EACH! – of broccoli florets and Brussels sprouts, too :

BroccoliPUBLISHED by catsmob.comI mean, how can you go wrong with healthy veggies, am I right? We even bought a huge bag of dried blueberries – what the heck do you even do with dried blueberries?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also bought like twelve boneless chicken breasts, a gallon of “mango nectar,” (whatever that is!) and several other things. Did we buy anything I regret? Nope – it will all be good and all be eaten, as my Mom used to say. Thing is?

We went to Costco to grab some paper towels. Oh yeah, we got that, too (twelve rolls!)

BountyListen, Costco is AWESOME, and I hope we will be back soon – but not TOO soon.

I am still researching recipes centered around Brussels sprouts and broccoli!!!


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