Robin Thicke vs Marvin Gaye vs Prince – Blurred Lines Mashup

This is probably the LAZIEST post I have done in a long time (but I know you will enjoy it!).

I am currently obsessed with Robin Thicke’s new song, “Blurred Lines,” which seems to have spawned a huge brouhaha regarding the rhythm track “supposedly” borrowed from the Marvin Gaye classic, “Got To Give It Up.”

As a former DJ myself, I do know that many songs “sound” alike – it is sort of like when Coach introduces a bag that looks like a Prada bag that is reminiscent of a Hermes bag. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Plus, I am not sure of the legality of it all but I think one is allowed to “sample” a certain number of bars or so many seconds before it becomes “audio piracy” (view all the “legalese” here.)

Anyway, as I went to do my own personal research on YouTube, planning on listening to both the original Marvin Gaye song versus the recent Robin Thicke release, I came across this “most excellent” mash-up of Robin Thicke, Prince and Marvin Gaye, by a man named CakeFrenzee. I feel obliged to mention – for fear that I may be accused of audio piracy – that I did not create this mix, I do not own the rights to this or any of the songs in the mash-up and I do not even know CakeFrenzee. That said, it is a kick-ass mash-up. Please enjoy!


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