It IS Everywhere…

Today was ANOTHER less-than-joyful day for me. Work? Ugh… I won’t even punish you all with the details. I will just say this – When I was younger and would say something like “I wish this day were over,” my beloved Mom would always say something like, “Timmy, don’t wish your life away. Someday you’ll wish you had all those hours back.”

Today my Mom would have been wrong – I would have GLADLY given a few hours away…

Anyway, I managed to get through today and was invited to a LGBT networking event by my good friends, Tim and Per. The event was sponsored by PLEXUS, Cleveland’s Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT community and its allies. I went kinda’ begrudgingly but ultimately had a fun time, made some new friends AND actually went home with this:

VISAAs it turns out, they had a drawing for anyone that had dropped their business card in the fishbowl – guess who won a $25 VISA Gift card? Yup – me! It was a nice surprise and a great way to end a relatively crappy day.

Thanks, VISA – You may not have been EVERYWHERE I wanted to be today, but you were in that fishbowl for me. HOORAY!!!

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