Today Only?

So, I wanna’ apologize for a few of my previous posts this week; in review, some of them seem to be a little too “the-world-pissed-on-me-today” for my liking. It made me stop, think and evaluate my attitude about how and why things happen.

I have had a few challenging “situations” at work this week, a few scheduling and financial “things” happen. But – I mean, I was not swallowed up by some sink hole. My business was not destroyed by some fire-nado (still trying to process that through in my head). I wasn’t diagnosed with some obscure terminal illness.

I had a couple crappy days in a row – who doesn’t, right? So I promise to have a better attitude going forward…

Free happiness

As much as the image above makes me smile, I have come to realize that joy can be limitless, if we allow it to be. Happiness is not a “One Day Only” deal.

I have always liked/believed this list of “rules” for living a happier life:


I especially needed to remind myself of points 2, 3, 4 and 5 (OK, at least I was good with 1, LOL!) So today, I spent the day with the man I plan on spending forever with, my mind totally empty save for the task of grabbing flavored coffee creamer before we came home and was just “in the moment” all day long. Among our assortment of amazing, loving and generous friends, we have one that has an extraordinary house, right on Lake Erie. We spent the day there – doing nothing at all but laughing, reading, splashing, being silly, getting sunburned (me, at least) and just being happy.

Being happy. That felt really nice. I suggest that everyone give it a try; I know I plan on revisiting happiness as soon as I can. Probably tomorrow…

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