Work-Related Troubles, Then and Now

Tonight I was reading my Beloved’s blog entry for the day and he mentioned going back to school and was thinking back to kindergarten. Wow. Kindergarten. I am almost ashamed to admit that my first day of kindergarten was more than a few decades ago but it made me start to think about how life was complicated then and now. 

I mean, remember when something like THIS was a tough “work assignment?”

Color by NumberRemember when the hardest task we had to do was “stay within the lines?” Doesn’t it seem crazy how we as adults STILL battle whenever we draw outside the lines? Or how about this one?

WorksheetShapes and colors BOTH? OMG, I WISH every day I had tasks as hard as these. and yet, I remember these sheets DID seem pretty hard all those years ago. 

It made me smile to look at different kindergarten worksheets online, and to remember how hard life seemed then, and how hard life sometimes seems now. It’s all about place and perception, I suppose. It gave me some perspective.

I guess that while my adult life sometimes feels more than a bit challenging, I remember that not having a red crayon was the end of the world as a kindergartner. Thank The Universe I made it to adulthood and have 128 in my arsenal…


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