Tick Tock, Time to Rock a Lullaby for Bedtime

I can’t put it off any longer – I must go to bed. Now. I have to be awake in a little over six hours…

tick tock clockIt’s not that I don’t enjoy sleeping (I do, believe me, I do!) it’s just that, well, today was pretty dang awesome so I kinda’ hate to see it end. I spent the whole day with my beloved Martin, first swimming in Lake Erie on the private beach at the home of a dear friend, then we “ended up” the day with burgers with two other friends – our besties – in their amazing backyard.

Today was stellar – I got to spend the day with four people that I love (including the ONE I love the MOST!), got to swim for almost 4.5 hours (thank The Universe for sunscreen with SPF 50 protection!), got to eat delicious grilled burgers (and DAMN they were good) and mostly just got to relax and live in the moment. It was fantastic – FAN.TAS.TIC!

So I really don’t want to fall asleep ‘cuz then this special day will be over. Sigh… Good news is, I bet there are at least a few more special days ahead for me. Whew! ‘Nite y’all!

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