Dream-ing Today

I have written about the power of words before, and today is an especially important day in support of that belief. Fifty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now legendary “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, DC. Five decades later, that speech and that moment in time are still held in great reverence by people the world over.

I choke up each time I hear Dr. King – his message is powerful, heartfelt and honest. It is inspiring, insightful and incite-ful.  That speech renews peoples’ spirits and moves them.

It is oratory perfection.

I like the “word cloud” below – it presents Dr. King’s speech in a visual format:

word cloud I Have A Dream speechFor a person like me, one obsessed with words, their meaning and their power, word clouds are the personification of speech. They let you experience spoken words in a visual way. The cloud above allows you to see Dr. King’s “dream.”

I hope you all will take a few minutes and either read or listen to that speech today. I also hope you will recognize how far we have come since its initial delivery, and acknowledge how far we still must go to fulfill Dr. King’s dream. We all must continue to dream… 

click on the image above to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver “I Have a Dream” 

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