Banishing the “Head Demons”

Last night, my beloved and I enjoyed dinner with quite probably our six closest friends – the meal was FANTASTIC, the company incredible and the conversation – while introducing a few unexpected and “adult” topics as the evening progressed – was lively, engaging and pretty flippin’ fun. Our hosts were ridiculous – I don’t think a cocktail glass was ever empty longer than 30 seconds. It was so, so, SO much fun…

It was really fun for me because I woke up a little tired but free from “head demons,” the term I always used to describe that horrible hangover headache.

I don’t drink; I have been “sober” for about eight years or so now. I am not in recovery; rather, I decided that drinking was a bad personal choice for me. See, I used to drink – a LOT – and was really good at it. And most Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings (sometimes other days, too!), this was what my head felt like:

head demonsA classic drawing showing me battling “The Head Demons,” LOL!

Yeah, me and drinking? HOORAY!!! Me and hangovers? BOO! And I mean a BIG boo! So now, I enjoy Diet Coke while my friends imbibe – I am always a great designated driver and I really, REALLY don’t mind at all. I really don’t.

I joke sometimes about how I am thinking about starting to drink again but I probably never will. And I am not judging – I have no issue with others drinking at all; in fact, I kinda’ like when they do. I get “contact drunk” just like you can get contact high being around people that smoke (or at least I have always heard that, LOL!) I love seeing my friends relaxed and happy, being silly. It really does make me feel good. My friends happy make me happy…

And my need to always have a gallon of OJ, a big bottle of extra-strength ibuprofen tablets and room-darkening blinds has been addressed, LOL!


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