The Day is Spent and So Am I…

Today was a harried day…

We woke up at my sister’s house, after a super fun Saturday day/night  there. Sunday, my father and my two dear Aunties came down to my sisters to visit, then Martin and I were supposed to drop the three of them back off in my home town of Shelby, Ohio on our way back to Cleveland for a dinner at 6PM. It was a great trip but poorly timed…

We arrived home in Cleveland at 6:14 PM. The dinner was pushed back till 7PM but we still had to take showers and change clothes. Fast forward now to 1:32 AM, Monday morning…

We had a fantastic dinner but before we left, our travel bags looked like this:

Suitcase to be unpackedWe still need to unpack our stuff – I mean our still-wet swimsuits are hanging on the shower rod in my bathroom:

swim trunksWe DID make it to our friends’ house in PLENTY of time for dinner – beef tenderloin and the MOST scrumptious mushroom “pie” ever!!! When we retired to the living room, the dining room looked like this:

empty dinner tableAnd, I have to share that more than a few of the people attending tonight’s dinner party probably had this very same night cap:

aspirin and water

Thanks to Tim and Per for a FANTASTIC dinner (and especially to Per for the most outrageous “grown-up” discussions after dinner!), thanks to Paul and Jeffrey for coming and thanks to Scott and Joe for picking us up in the pouring rain and driving us to the dinner party. We have AWESOME friends!!!

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