Last week (I think), my friend Chris was celebrating the act of making his final car payment. He had paid off his note in full and was looking forward to that “extra money” he would have – his plan is to drive his paid-in-full car until it falls apart around him. I warned him that, over two years ago, I had made MY last car payment and was looking forward to banking that $400.00 every month. Guess what? I didn’t. As I warned Chris, once one bill leaves, one – or more – come to take its place. I call it The Law of Economic Unfairness.

No matter how hard I seem to try, my wallet always looks pretty much like this:

empty walletIt always makes me chuckle when people make remarks to me like, “Hey, you own a business – let IT (the business) make your car payments,” or “That must be so great, getting to keep all that money they used to take outta’ your pay for taxes, right?”

Guess what, y’all – owning your own business does not automatically make you rich, or grant you access to some bottomless well of money… And you know all those taxes that your employer takes from your check each pay, that Federal tax and Social Security tax? Well, your employer MATCHES that contribution each pay; in essence, you actually pay half of your taxes. So, when one is self-employed, we pay the full amount (or twice as much as we did before as employees). Yeah, TWICE as much. Let that sink in for a minute…

empty pockets

I know I have shared this before but my Mom, God love her, always used to say this to me: “Timmy, God will never give you more than you can handle.” To which I always replied, “That’s awesome, Mom, but maybe one month he could just give me a little LESS. Will you talk to Him for me?”

I am sure that my current financial “empty-ness” will pass soon. The Universe (my version of God) has ALWAYS taken care of me, and I have no doubt that it will again. But oh my goodness, how AWESOME it would be to hit the “Hillbilly Hope for Happiness” – the Powerball Lotto drawing for like $170 MILLION dollars. Sigh…

Till that day, I keep hoping and praying, working as hard as I can and blogging, blogging, blogging…

empty mindSometimes emptiness is not a bad thing – right, Lord Byron?   😉


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