Pomosexuality. What?

I – perhaps erroneously –  pride myself on being pretty dang “PC” (politically correct), reasonably well-informed/current with “trends” and fairly up to date with cultural “shifts.” All that said, I was flabbergasted today to discover a new category had been added to the constantly growing list of non-label labels. I was reading a piece online that mentioned “pomosexuality.”

Pomosexuality? What the hell is that?

According to Urban Dictionary, turns out that pomosexuality is, “… a non-orientation in which people disregard sexual labels altogether. In the world of pomosexuality, the superficial orientation identifications (a.k.a. gay, straight, etc.) are insignificant and not what people should accord to. Stems from postmodern sexuality.”

Huh? Please use it in a sentence…

“Gay/Straight Alliances were the first step toward unification, but they weren’t enough. What if neither gays nor straights existed, and were all simply called people? With pomosexuality, there is less reason for division in the world.”

Oh, OK. So when the world is full of pomosexuals, each of our innate, hard-wired sexual orientations will be disregarded or ignored as a label or marker. It is somehow understood that all livings beings are sexual but we will never again say, for example, “I met the nicest gay couple at Willow’s cook-out,” or “I have never seen a two people more sexually into each other than Diane and Evan – those raging heterosexuals…”  I don’t know – it all seems a little Puritanical and “neutering” to me…
Listen, I get it – no one should be “reduced” down to his or her sexuality but as a gay man that has, at times, struggled with my own sexuality, I have come to understand and accept that it is definitely a part of what makes me me. Plus, I have never understood the logic of inventing a new word or label to banish an existing one – seems a little counterproductive to me, am I right?
So before the whole pomosexuality movement starts gaining traction, I respectfully suggest that we forget the whole thing – at least the new term. Do I love and embrace the idea of people just being people, regardless of our sexuality? You bet I do. But – at least for me – it’s OK for people to refer to me as “gay.” I am – so what?
We don’t need any new words to ignore sexuality, we just need some new attitudes about sex and sexuality. I think if we all stopped conceptualizing so much and actually started implementing new ways of thinking about sex and sexuality, the world would – without any special terms or labels – just turn into a world where each of us are just people…

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