30 Days Already

Number 30Today is the one-month anniversary of my marriage to Martin – 30 days since our “big fat gay wedding.” It has been an awesome month for me, all-in-all, and I think my Sweetie would agree. I feel like I should do a small re-cap of our first thirty days of wedded bliss, an accounting of events since we “tied the knot.”

Let’s begin by looking at what has happened every day since Martin and I got hitched.

To begin with, the sun has continued to rise every day; in fact for me, every day has been even better and brighter…

SunriseWe get up every morning and have coffee together to start the day…

Coffee Foam ArtIt never really looks like that but we keep trying. After our coffee, I usually go to work…

time clock… and Martin heads off to school.

school suppliesBut it’s not all-work-and-no-play for us. Sometimes we take in a movie or two…

movie theater…and we frequently get together with our friends for dinner and/or just to hang out.

Buffet TableSo, yeah, all-in-all, our lives went from being pretty great to near fantastic. We are gathering resources for the next step in our journey but we have a clear picture for our future and are very excited and happy to be married.

Next, let me tell you what DIDN’T happen because we got married.

Life as we know it did not cease to exist…

WorldSomehow – mercifully – our love did NOT unleash The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse,

The Four Horsemennor did our marriage cause the world to crash and burn…

World in FlamesSo that pretty much sums it all up; no end-of-the-world moment, things stayed essentially the same or got better and every day is bright with hope for our future.

I guess I just cannot understand why marriage equality continues to be such a big issue in Ohio, and in America in general. If someone can explain that to me, I’d appreciate it; till then, I’m going back to being on old married fuddy-duddy.




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