One Limitation of Interior Design

A professional interior designer can do MANY things – we can make your home more beautiful and functional. We can make rooms more efficient (think kitchens or home offices). We can even “settle” disputes among family members. However, to be completely honest, there are some things we cannot do. It’s true – we have limits. Here is one of our BIGGEST, most frequently-asked requests, one that we must typically decline:

“I love what you are proposing for my room. I really do – but is there any way you can achieve the same look for less?’ 

Quite simply, the answer is “No.”

We cannot “…make it look the same for less.” That is the same as asking us to find you this piece of jewelry,

aquamarine diamond bow pearl brooch circa 1915when, truth be told, your budget is more likely to purchase you this bit of sparkle.

ringOr asking us to let you have this car,

Maserati-50 when you know that – in reality – this car is more in your budget.

BeetleTurboS10Listen, we get it – interior designers are regular people, too. Don’t you think we lust and covet certain things, all the while shopping at IKEA for our own homes? Well, we do. But come on, be honest – you KNOW that this room,

living roomwas definitely created with an entirely different budget than this room:

black and white living room

That is not to say, however, that the first room is “less,” or sources like IKEA are “bad.” Both are good – and maybe best-suited for your lifestyle or budget at the moment. A skilled interior designer will help you figure that all out. One of the biggest reasons to employ an interior designer is that we “bring the reality checks” back to your project. Interior designers manage your expectations. And – if they are good at what they do – they should be able AND willing to use things from IKEA as easily and handily as exclusive products from the D&D Building in NYC.

Good design isn’t about spending as much as possible – it is about maximizing what you have to spend to get the greatest result.

And THAT is just one reason why you would hire an interior designer.

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