Half and Half

Lately I have been battling an ongoing period of sourness and agitation.

The reality is that nothing majorly bad has happened but it does seem that recently I have suffered a NO END IN SIGHT RUN of a thousand small irritations in my life, back to back to back. It definitely reminds me of this cartoon:

Half and half

This daily choice – half full or half empty – has been a bit of a lifelong challenge for me…

I think that most people that “know me” would say I am a happy guy that is really, really funny. (My absolute, life-long dream come true would be to be cast as a regular player on Saturday Night Live!) The thing is, lately I have been working very hard at being “up” all the time and it kinda’ pisses me off…

Many things in my life are AMAZING: I have the most amazing spouse ever, someone that makes every day bright and sunny for me. I have a super group of loving and supportive friends, who put up with my moodiness and love me anyway. My family is pretty great I have a job I love. So why am I “half full” some days?

I guess maybe its because the world at large disappoints me. The Russia/Olympic situation. The nightmare in Syria. A seemingly escalating wave of hate crimes against gays and lesbians all across America, including two recent incidents right here in my hometown of Cleveland. I see the rich getting richer every day while the rest of us little people work harder and harder to maintain – not improve, but maintain – our current level of living. I used to dream of owning a brand new Corvette convertible; now I hope I can buy a new set of tires for our seven-year-old Saturn. It’s hard to be “bright and chipper” every day. Hard.

However, the other option – the half empty option – is even worse:

Life is hardLike, no one wants to mope around and be all sad all the time. So, I make the conscious effort to look for happy things every day – and that usually starts with my Sweetie’s face every morning. He is pretty awesome. And then, as the day rolls on, I try to forgive/forget the clerk that pissed me off and remember instead the kid that held a door open for me, or the lady humming/singing to herself in the grocery – the one that smiled and looked embarrassed when I said that I liked her singing. I intentionally try and filter out the not-so-pretty and focus instead on the awesome events every day. Most days, I can get the job done.

Some days, though, it is definitely harder than others…


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