No Time for Hate

This is the second post I have written today; the first was all sturm und drang, a tribute to 9.11 and all that has happened since that horrible event. But I felt the post “wasn’t me” – I am not one to dwell on sensational sadness or milk tragedy for effect. That said, I did take time to pause and honor the memory of all those lost as a result of the events around 9.11, and prayed that a similar event never, ever happens again. You will not see my original post. Instead, here is a sunflower to make you smile…


Rather than post a dark, morose entry, I was inspired to focus on a quote I found from one of the 9.11 widows, Sandy Dahl. The quote struck me to the core – Ms. Dahl said, If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” 

Profound, yes? I like having no time for hate.

So today, honor the memory of all those lost on  9.11 by freeing your hearts of hate, opening them instead to love. Maybe I am being too much the “sensitive soul” here but I believe that love is a far more effective weapon when it comes down to healing the world. Plus, doesn’t it just seem like a much nicer alternative?    


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