With Apologies to Robert Burns

Like so many of my days, today began with an entire “To-Do List” in my head. Small things. Big things. Some could even be called “projects,” I suppose. The thing is, today was an “OFF” day from work. When, I wonder, did days off become the days we have to get so much work done? And regrettably, as I approach day’s end, few things on that list were accomplished. That reality made me think of this phrase:

Mice and Men - Robert BurnsI suppose I should begin by apologizing to Robert Burns; I had always attributed this quote to William Shakespeare. Mea culpa. I should also admit that I pretty much have a general dislike of poetry – and an even greater one for Shakespeare – so the fact that I am quoting a line from Burn’s 1785 poem “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough” is kinda’ weird for me. (Read the original poem in its entirety by clicking the image above). Anyway…

Yeah, so today got a bit sidetracked, goal-wise. And I think that is OK. I did accomplish some things on my list, including one big thing as a matter of fact. So I feel like while I didn’t score 100%, I did pretty well. I guess that is the beauty of days off, the understood quality that any accomplishment on a day reserved for “off” is something to celebrate. Such was the case with me today.

As far as my admission that I dislike poetry, well, I have never understood why someone would waste hundreds or even dozens of words conveying an idea that could just as easily be expressed in a very few. Robert Burns from 1785? Meet the poetry of 2013:

Plan A Plan BAnd while I know plans going “awry” seems much more noble than saying, “Oops, Plan B time,” to me it is pretty much the same concept. Now, time for more of Plan B – me, my Sweetie and the most recent episode of “Devious Maids.”

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