Fellas, Guyliner? – Halloween Only, Please

I must admit, women are beautiful creations. Graceful and shapely, delicate and soft, ladies have a lot going in – and make-up ONLY makes it better. I have always envied women make-up, not in any sort of I-wanna’-wear-it-way but in the dang-she-looks-good-without-it-but-superfine-with-it-way. Ladies have a definite advantage over men when it comes to make-up – it helps bring out natural beauty and hide any flaws or imperfections that may exist.

Guys? We get acne cover stick and maybe some tinted moisturizer…

In recent years, however, men have started to “butch up” make-up and appropriate it for our own fair gender. Ladies’ blush became men’s “bronzer.” Ladies’ fragranced bath soaps became masculine “body washes.” Heck, even ladies’ face and neck creams have morphed into men’s “skin toning lotions.” But one thing cannot be “butched up,” no matter how hard we try – eyeliner. Sure, maybe if you are a rock star you can pull that look off but gentlemen? Guyliner always looks like girl liner to me. For example:

I think Adam Lambert,

Adam Lambert Guylinerclearly must have taken inspiration from movie and beauty icon, Dame Elizabeth Taylor…

Elizabeth Taylor

Just as matinee star Jarod Leto,

Jerod Leto Guyliner 1

Must be channeling fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen…

Mary-Kate Olsen

And are Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson (pre/mid reconstructive surgery) actually the same person?

Pete Wentz Guyliner

Ashlee SimpsonDon’t get me wrong – each of these people are beautiful but, guys, really? Forget the guyliner. It makes you look kinda’ “girl-y” (sorry). Maybe at Halloween, or on other “Special Occasions” when you feel like “dressing up” (I adore you, Raven!):



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