My Battle With FFC

Today was a super fun day – I went to the 41st Annual Yankee Peddler Festival with my beloved Martin and our friends, Scott and Cori. Billed as…

Yankee peddler…a unique blend of traditional and new,” Yankee Peddler is a “…step back in time 200 years, a visit to pioneer America with master artists and crafters setting up rustic shops along streams and amid lovely wooded dales, with foods and snacks cooked over open fires, and with non-stop entertainment.” (click image above or here to be linked to the website). It is a lot of fun for sure.

I’m not sure if he was part of the non-stop entertainment but we sure saw this guy often…

Yankee peddler guyI mean, I do not know how he could have been everywhere all day long…

Anyway, Martin and I had fun, walking and shopping with Cori and Scott. Cori and Scott both bought some things and Martin and I got a few Halloween decorations and I bought a piece of glass for my “blue glass collection.” The day also reminded me of two VERY important facts:

1. In colonial America, few people accepted credit cards – it was mostly a “cash only” day (thanks, Scott, for having a wallet with real money inside).

no cc2. A day spent at the Yankee Peddler will often result – as it did with me – in a condition I have nicknamed “FFC” – Fried Food Compulsion.

All day long, the group and I sampled and tasted a wide variety of foods which, in retrospect, make me feel ashamed kinda’ ashamed. I ate: fish and chips (fried), a funnel cake (fried), pierogies and onions (fried in butter!) and apple fritters (fried). I also enjoyed a chocolate-covered Oreo and some chocolate cheesecake fudge – at least THOSE two things weren’t fried…

Funnel cake

fudgeI have to confess – I have battled FFC before – like in any mall food court – but today? I simply could not fight the good fight. I ate and ate and ate my way through the “…rustic shops nestled along streams in wooded glens.”

And I enjoyed it, too!

Thanks, Universe, for giving me this fun day with friends (and for NOT clogging my arteries too badly). And Mr. Raccoon Hat? We’ll all see you next year!

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