The Universal Paradox

Lately I have been suffering from increasing “bouts of the blues.” I have days that are really great but, more frequently, I find each and every day a little more challenging in a host of categories; work, finances, family – well, almost every category except my “primary relationship” (I love you, Sweetie!) I mean, more and more, every day feels like this to me –

Illusion stairsIt seems like every day I just keep going and going and going… I’m not even trying to “get ahead” – I’m just trying to keep up. I guess I have been in the tunnel so long that I have stopped trying to see the light; rather, I am just trying not to fall down. It is frustrating. It is exhausting. And it is spirit-crushing. Some days, I am more than just a little “checked out.” And that makes me sad…

Know what else makes me sad? It is what I call The Ultimate Bitch Slap, the universal paradox we all face as humans. The essence of the paradox is summed up in this statement: “Sometimes the answer to our most earnest, sincere question is that there is no answer.” I know, right? The answer is that there is no answer? What the heck does that even mean?

My mind, I assume like most other peoples’ minds, works in a pretty linear fashion: A + B = C. The whole answer-to-my-question-is-that-there-is-no-answer paradox is, frankly disconcerting and troubling to me…

Seeking an answer

I hope this period in my life closes soon. I hope The Universe can see its way clear to enlighten me, to help me see its future plan for me unfold at a slightly quicker pace. And – hopefully and not selfishly – I most respectfully, fervently ask that this future be bright, and blessed with an abundance of joy, security and happiness.

I know I have shared with you before that my Mom always told me that The Universe will never send us more than we can handle. I don’t think my Mom would ever lie to me but I am now asking The Universe to send me less. Much less… Thank you in advance.

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