I Love Bread

Today’s post is a bit silly…

I love bread. 

Yeah, I know, right? Seems like a ridiculous statement but I love every KIND of bread.

I definitely love bread that comes from a bakery –

Different varieties of breadsI am also very fond of the “slang” version of bread (I know – I am a shallow person) –

200398089-001And, I have to confess, I am in love with Bread, the musical group from the 70’s…

Bread Greatest HitsLast weekend, I heard one of my all-time favorite songs ever – “If,” by Bread. The 70’s were – in my opinion – the greatest decade for love songs. I had not heard “If” in ages and, when I did, I was reminded that it is probably one of THE most beautiful love songs ever written –

My life has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately, and my angelic husband has definitely been a calming, stabilizing force for me.

If there were ever lyrics written especially for me and my Beloved, it is these…

“And when my love for life is running dry, you come and pour yourself on me…”

I am a lucky guy. Thanks, MSW, for loving me.

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