Sorry We’re Closed

Aged Sorry We're Closed sign.Like many other Americans, I imagine, I am waiting to see if the American government will begin “shutting down” at 12:01 AM on Tuesday, 01 October 2013. The weeks and months of constant DC pissing matches between Democrats and Republicans has come to this – in essence, a stalemate that punishes no one but the American people…

Oh yeah, that is correct. The President, and all House and Senate members will CONTINUE to receive their salaries while effectively doing NOTHING (which is pretty much what the House has been doing for like a year and a half – I mean, how long has it been since they passed any legislation?) Curious about what will happen if the government shuts down? Click here for a succinct list detailing the probable results, courtesy CNN Politics.

boys fighting

The current state of politics in Washington is like watching a gang of school boys all “picking on each other.” It is insulting to the American people and it is embarrassing for America as a country. It is hard to believe that we actually elected these jerk-offs, thinking they were “smarter” and better “suited” for those positions – and had our best interests at heart.

Listen, I don’t know what the answer to healthcare is, or if “Obamacare” is even good or bad. Politics is a BIG mess – click here to read a New York Times piece analyzing the current state of affairs. What I do know is this – as long as the “august assembly” of politicians in the House and Senate remain in office, America will continue to erode spiritually, economically and ideologically. The current state of our country’s political system is a joke – and the only laughter you hear is nervous laughter because we are all afraid of what the DC dictators will do to us next…

It is my sincere hope that we can all be big boys and girls and learn to play peacefully in the same sandbox; till then, we are screwed America. Screwed…

WH is closed


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