Goodbye, Ghoul-friends, Till Next Year

good night ghost

Halloween is over.

I had a GREAT day; hope yours was fantastic, too. No Charlie Brown/Great Pumpkin tonight – two episodes of “American Horror Story: Coven” instead (delicious, BTW!) My Sweetie and I did also enjoy “Nightmare Before Christmas” and now it is time for bed.

Boo – I hate for this day to be over. ‘Night!


Feels Like Christmas Eve

I know – Martin and I are TOTAL Halloween dorks. Halloween is Martin’s second favorite holiday (Christmas is first – barely!) and I like it, too. So tonight, on a night that oddly parallels Christmas Eve, we “got ready for Halloween” tomorrow. We’re excited!!!

We carved our pumpkins:


We agreed that we would try and maybe catch some kids out trick or treating tomorrow night in our neighborhood:


After dinner – and maybe trick-or-treat-er-watching, we will come home and watch, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:”


We’ll probably eat some junky food – candy, really:


Followed by a viewing of Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” (probably Martin’s FAVORITE movie of all time) – it is tradition:

Nightmare before Christmas

And then we will go to bed…


So, yeah, that is our Halloween night line-up, and the anticipation tonight feels a lot like Christmas Eve. It is nice to have “traditions” with your loved ones – especially your “special” loved one.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween tomorrow – we’ll check in after the movie!!! BOO!

Two ghosts

The “Sounds of Halloween”

In a moment of weakness today, I selected the “Sounds of Halloween” channel on the music service we listen to at the studio. Imagine my surprise (not!) when the first song I heard was the 1962 smash “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers.

I. HATE. THAT. SONG. And I mean, HATE. H-A-T-E.

Monster Mashclick image above to be tortured by “Monster Mash”

Listen, I totally get it – there are, for every holiday, specific “seasonal” songs that never get listened to except, perhaps, for that specific holiday. New Year’s Eve? “Old Lang Syne.” Christmas? “Here We Come A Wassailing.” Thanksgiving? “Over The River And Through The Woods (To Grandmother’s House We Go).” And Halloween?

“Monster Mash.” Or “Thriller.” Or “Ghostbusters.” In fact, you can see/hear Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 Halloween Songs by clicking here.

I don’t know – I mean, I love Halloween. LOVE IT! But really? As far as seasonal music goes? Halloween music sucks. Sorry, famous-celebrated-artists-associated-with-Halloween-songs, but your music is pretty terrible even ON Halloween. Terrible.

Except maybe “Thriller.” I gotta’ say, Prince of Pop MJ, all these years later, your song still is pretty amazing. Plus – how many wedding receptions have been host to “The Thriller Dance Sequence?” Now THAT is something to celebrate!

Thrillerclick image above to watch the full, original “Thriller” video – enjoy!

Suspension of Disbelief

Tonight my Beloved and I rented “After Earth,” the Will Smith/Jaden Smith futuristic tale detailing our deep space colonization after we – humans – destroy the earth.

Special effects? Adequate. Acting? Wooden. Plot line? Snoozefest.

Martin and I see a LOT of movies. A LOT. I have seen the same story told 100 times, in 100 different scenarios and in 100 better ways. Sorry, Will…After EarthSo, all those criticisms aside, this movie made the same fatal mistake that so many “set-in-the-future” films make – a totally unbelievable mismatch of technologies. Let me explain.

SPOILER ALERT! I will be sharing details of the plot, so if you “don’t wanna’ know,” stop reading.

So, in After Earth, Will Smith and his real-life son crash land on future earth – the world we humans all but destroyed, forcing our colonization on a distant planet. Interesting premise, again, done 100 time before, and better. The thing that drives me crazy with this movie, as with so many sci-fi/futuristic films, is the seemingly disjointed evolution of technologies. Let me explain…

In After Earth – a film that boasts genetically-altered creatures that hunt humans using pheromones, a weapon that can “shape-shift” into (I think) 22 different weapons, a space ship that can jump into hyper-space, a hand-held emergency beacon that, held aloft, launches up and beyond the earth’s atmosphere to send a rescue beacon across the galaxy – well, you get the idea. Humans are smart. They have amazing technology and advanced science. And yet, what happens during the course of the movie? Will Smith’s character almost dies from a broken leg bone and some internal bleeding.

I mean, c’mon – in the same movie that features a supremely-effective anti-toxin shot that is delivered directly into the heart via some sort of really cool needles, we have one of the main characters dying from complications from a broken leg? And – to make it even more ridiculous – Will Smith’s character attempts self-surgery to bypass a vein using a standard-issue horror film scalpel and some clear plastic tubing that looks like it belongs on a fish tank air pump. It was sad…Space Ships

Don’t you think that a race that has achieved deep space travel would have something better in their “medicine kit” than gauze bandages, iodine and wooden splints? When I see mismatches in movies like this, it makes me sad – and it is an insult to intelligent movie-goers. It’s the same as when we humans travel light years across space and then fight giant alien monsters with 22 caliber pistols – like guns with bullets! Really? Hollywood – you MUST do better.spud gun

Listen, I get that “suspension of disbelief” is a necessary act to immerse oneself in a movie. But when you have someone transporting from planet to planet, halfway across the universe in like six seconds, than pulling out a handgun to fight bad guys? No way. I cannot “suspend” my disbelief that far. That request requires advanced technology…

Yes It’s Halloween, Yes It’s Halloween…

As I get older, I realize that some things from my childhood are still the best…

Last night was SPOOKTACULAR, an annual Halloween party hosted by our dear friends, Mike and Chris. It was a GREAT time – and reminded me that the things we loved as children are often the things we love as adults. Like “dressing up:”

Mike and ChrisOur party “hosts,” Rose (Mike) and Blanche (Chris) – Sophia and Dorothy were there, too.

Hanging out with dear friends: Parma Houswife, Dr. Walker and Cruella DeVilleReal Housewife of Parma (Scott), Dr. “Walker” (Martin) and Cruella DeVille (Todd)

P and JGrand Water Buffaloes Barney (Paul) and Fred (Jeffrey)

Here are Rose (Josh) and Sophia (Mike)…

Rose and SophiaAnd friends are friends no matter what – meaning dead or alive, LOL!

Fonzie and Ward CleaverFonzie (Joe) and walker Ward Cleaver (Tim)

We had a BLAST and the party really only offered two things: friends (both existing and new!) and fun (games, food, libations and laughter). It. Was. Awesome.

We watched “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” played “Pin The Mustache on Tom Selleck” (don’t ask) and had a great Scavenger Hunt. The food was delicious, the crowd diverse/super fun and, all-in-all, it was just a great, great evening…

Martin and I made a lot of new friends and just had a lot of fun. I guess it reminded me that sometimes all we really need to have a great time are great friends and a willingness to be ourselves – and be silly. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and last night’s party just helped it secure that title. Happy Halloween Week! 

Tim 3:18

No. The title of this blog post is not referencing a Biblical quote; it is, instead, documenting the time I started writing this post – my post for SATURDAY, technically a bit after midnight but, since I have yet to fall asleep, in my mind it is still Saturday.

Tonight was the annual Halloween “Spooktacular” party, hosted by our friends, The Brookholts (Mike and Chris). It was SO MUCH FUN! I promise I will post pics tomorrow but – for now? Please enjoy this Halloween image. Thanks, gents!

And now it is 3:34 AM. Jeesh, I’m going to bed!

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.

Decisions, decisions…

As usual, I have been a big procrastinator. Here we are, less than 24 hours away from the annual Halloween “SPOOKTACULAR” Event, and we have no firm costumes.

The plan for my Beloved and I to go as The Lone Ranger and Tonto (the Johnny Depp Tonto, BTW) fell through when we could not locate a bird for Martin’s head –

Johnny-Depp-TontoThen, we had planned on going as a pair of “walkers” from The Walking Dead but, while researching walker images, we realized we maybe didn’t have the mad make-up skills really required to pull off a “walker” successfully –

walkerThe thing is, last year we went as “Día de los Muertos Lovers” (Day of the Dead lovers – we weren’t married this time last year!) and – not to sound arrogant, we looked pretty dang awesome. Here we are – me, left, and my Beloved, right – Iphone 009So this year, I feel we have a “legacy” to continue. Sadly, the honest truth is, we are running out of time, and resources. Sigh. I MUST plan better NEXT year. Oh well, as handsome as my husband is, if nothing else, he can go as Gomez Addams –

Addams Familyand I will be his Uncle Fester. I mean, I already have the coat, LOL. It’s ALMOST Halloween. HOORAY!!!

There Were Four of Them, Right?

I acknowledge that as I continue to boldly go into my second half century, some things are definitely not what they used to be. I really need to get some glasses – readers, at least. I find myself repeating myself over and over – I guess my short term memory is fading. And – if I am being totally honest – I seem to be starting more and more conversations with the phrase, “I remember…” Eek. I’m old!!! All that aside – or maybe combined – leads me to this statement:

One thing I absolutely remember is that for a long time in my life, years progressed in the following “fashion” fashion –

November thru February – “winter coat”

pea coatMarch, April and May? – “light jacket”

JacketJune thru early/mid September – “tee shirt”

teeThen late September thru November – light jacket, and repeat.

This is how the cycle repeated every year. Sure, sometimes the window for each apparel item shifted a bit, depending on the weather, but I do distinctly remember this exact cycle. Now? I mean, what the Hell? Our weather is beyond comprehension. Two days ago, I was wearing a tee shirt and tennies with no socks. Today, I left work in a wool winter coat – with GLOVES on my hands – and walked home under an UMBRELLA, the snow was so wet. I mean, what gives with this weather?

It frightens me. I cannot understand what is happening. Is it global warming? (All thinking peoples’ theory). Are these signs of the impending “End Days?” (My dear, departed Grandmother’s theory). Has our unquenchable thirst for crude oil emptied so much of the Earth’s core that our planet is now wonky/spinning off balance, causing changes in weather patterns? (My Pop-pop’s theory).

I don’t know which theory is right but the current situation is really maddening.

Ohio now seems to have two seasons:


hot and humidand COLD and WET

cold and wet

I don’t care much for either – truth be told, I don’t care much for change, period.

Please come back to me, Four Seasons. I miss you Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Please tell me what to do; better yet, please tell me what to wear!!!

Just Because…

Since Halloween is coming, I thought I would randomly “Bing image” the phrase sepia creepy Halloween costumes. Here are just a few of the images that came up…

I have no idea who these people are, where/when these images were taken, or how old the pictures are. These all just “exist” on the internet. That said, I would like to go to a big party with all of these guys there – Enjoy! BTW – Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming…

creepy-kids-halloween-costumesHalloween 1Halloween BikeHalloween 4Halloween 5

S.J.H.S. – I Will Miss You

This past Sunday was my Dad’s 84th birthday, so Martin and I went back to my hometown of Shelby, Ohio to visit with Pop-pop (my Dad) and take him to lunch. We had a great visit and a really nice time with Pop-pop. He is a blessing.

He is also the ONLY reason I return to Shelby, ever. The town that I grew up in is, essentially, dead to me now. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not because I had some sort of horrible youth (I had a great childhood there) or any other “bad” reason. It’s just that, well, besides my Dad, there is no reason for me to go back there any more. My life has moved on, and so has Shelby. And this fact was nowhere more obvious than at the site of my former junior high school. It now looks like this –

SJHS panoramic shot 10-2013Yes, my old junior high school is in the process of being demolished, making way for a new industrial park complex or something or other. (The dramatic panoramic shot above was taken by yours truly with my smart phone – cool, huh?) I was not surprised by this news – I have known about its impending destruction for a while. The city of Shelby even honored the building’s many years of service with a “good bye party,” attended by several decades of former students. I could not go; I think I would have been really saddened by it all…

I mean, this is the building where I went to my first boy-girl dance – and while I secretly hoped John C. would ask me to dance, I got asked by Patti G., my school bus driver’s daughter. This is the building that was home to Mrs. Catherwood and “Pup Tales,” the junior high version of “Whippet Tales,” our school newspaper. Mrs. C and Pup Tales were the impetus for me to begin writing. I spent hours in the band and practice rooms, living out my own “Glee” experience before Glee even existed…

It was on these front steps – now barely recognizable AS front steps –

photo…that I smoked my first cigarettes after football practice while I waited for Pop-pop to pick me up after work. And I kidded myself into believing that he and my Mom didn’t know I smoked. I mean, really – is there anything more arrogant and stupid than a fourteen-year-old boy?

Anyway, it made me sad to see my old haunt now reduced to piles of broken bricks and twisted metal. For a moment, I considered breaching the fence and retrieving a brick, then I asked myself, “Why?” I mean, what good would one brick do me, especially when it represents something that (soon) will no longer exist?

One thing that will never cease to exist are all the fond memories I have of that school and my time there. Football games and band practices, excruciating PE periods (I still HATE “Scramble!”) and fun wood and metal shop classes. The building had three floors; in eighth grade, it felt like a sky scraper to me.

I shall remember you with great fondness, “old” Shelby Junior High School. Thank you for the education and experiences you gave me and, most of all, thank you for being a big part of a childhood I treasure. Red and Gray 4-evr!