Time to Pay the Rent

Along with all my other vices, I am fairly addicted to the internet – I have a personal page I tend as well as being the administrator for my business’ page. I maintain and edit the website for my business and I also write and send all the eblasts for it as well. And I blog. Daily.

The reason I mention all those facts is not in search of any praise but to give an idea of how immersed I am in “the web” and all the bahjillion things that happen there – the links and message boards, this “pinned” thing-a-ma-bob and that Instagram-ed whatever. Our world is very connected online, and the internet is a useful way to become engaged in social change – a way to become involved in “peaceful protests” when you feel strongly about an issue or event. And believe me, there are PLENTY of issues we should all be involved with/in. We must all rise up and become involved in our future shared destiny.

peaceful protestAs cute as the image is above, it does illustrate the sort of general apathy most people have towards politics and social justice issues. Many of us groan and moan about the current state of the world but do little to change it. I mean, one need only look at voter turn-out numbers to see how lackadaisical and complacent most Americans have become.

It makes me sad. We all need to get involved…

Along that thought line, I saw this meme on my Facebook page today. It had been posted by a vegan group, organizing a protest against a circus coming to town, but could have easily been posted by LGBT groups protesting the horrific crimes against gays and lesbians happening in Russia, or almost any American citizen who is fed up with the politic stalemate that is Washington, DC. It really hit home when I read it –

Pay the rentActivism is the price we should ALL be paying. I challenge everyone that reads this post to speak up about ONE issue that engages you – literacy or child welfare or healthcare reform or LGBT rights – whatever, just get involved and help make change happen.

Like it says above, it’s the rent we have to pay. And the rent is due… 


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