I’m Waiting, Taniya Nayak

Once again today I was reminded that if I really “want” something, I need to “ask” for it, to “put it out there” to The Universe. OK then, cool – I am asking. Here goes:

Universe, I would really like to win the HGTV Urban Oasis 2013 contest. I want to win the “… most luxurious condo yet! Located on the 24th floor of The Residences at the W Boston, this giveaway includes a deluxe kitchen with a fireplace, spacious living room, extravagant master suite, and of course, multiple breath-taking views of Boston. The winner also gets access to all of the amenities including a gym, award-winning salon, spa, and restaurant with room service. Along with the condo and everything in it, the winner will also win a 2014 Acura MDX. It’s a grand prize package worth over $1 Million!” (quote from the HGTV website).

I think I deserve to win…

Living room

bedroom(images above courtesy HGTV)

I have entered faithfully, every single day, on BOTH HGTV and Front Door.com. My Sweetie and I are really nice guys that could use a break like this – and I have never been to Boston, ever, so winning this condo would give me a good reason to go. Plus, my husband and I would be kick-ass residents of this groovy pad.

So, Universe, how about it? Maybe – please? I mean, I would actually prefer to meet Candace, Genevieve or Vern, but would be THRILLED to be ambushed by Taniya. I know you have all my contact info from all the entries I have submitted. Call me…

Enter the HGTV Urban Oasis 2013 Giveaway twice a day, now thru 18 October at 5PM by clicking here. See – I am a generous guy. Universe, see why I deserve to win?

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