Running Running Running

Today is another one of “those days” – too may projects with too few hours in which to complete them. It is now about seven hours till my bedtime and, sadly, I have about one-third of the projects I had hoped to get accomplished today completed. Where do the minutes/hours go?old-clock-face-roman-numerals-no-hands

It is so weird – every day I have off, I have all these good intentions to get so much done but, inevitably, my “DONE” List is far shorter then my “TO DO” List at the end of the day. Sigh…

And, I mean I wish I could honestly say that I sat around and watched mindless TV all day or something like that but, golly, it really sucks being “grown-up” and having responsibilities. Balancing checkbooks, cleaning bathrooms, paying bills – these are the “joys” I savor on my days off… Oh well, at least I have a roof over my head, a job (so I even need a checkbook) and, even though we have pretty basic cable, we do have high-speed internet, LOL! So, maybe I should stop the personal pity party and get back on that “To Do” List. I mean, I still have about six and a half hours left, right?

runningWhat’s that quote? It’s not how fast you run the race, but that you run the race… I’m running.

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