Not Running – Walking Instead

So my Beloved and I have started walking every night after dinner – it’s like our “evening constitutional,” as I believe their were once called. We walk the neighborhoods around our apartment, kicking up leaves, sneaking in a little “hand holding” when we can and just, actually, being together, doing nothing but being together.

It’s nice…

fall walkWe talk about everything and nothing, and dream of living in this house or that house. Sometimes we don’t even talk at all. No matter what, it is a great time and I am really beginning to look forward to it each evening. We have already started talking about getting boots and hats and scarves and gloves and walking in the snow. My Angel likes to think it is exercise and, I guess, in a way it is – tonight we walked 2.5 miles and according to his smart phone, we “burned” 53 calories.

I could care less about burning calories – I care more about shedding cares and tension, and these walks are great for that. I often feel a little detached from the earth and these nightly strolls help me reconnect not only with the earth, but with my self as well.

nature-walkThe air tonight was clear and cool, the leaves beautiful and the world very peaceful. And of course, I had the best company available. Thanks for a fun night, Universe! See you again tomorrow night? Same time, same place?

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