I hope today’s post does not come across as arrogant or egotistical but, somehow, over the past few days, total “Views” on my humble, little blog hit 10,197 (as of this writing). That means that my little 365 writing experiment – started on 01 January of 2013 – has been seen by 10,197 sets of eyes…

eyesThose eyes come from all around the globe. In fact, my blog has been visited by people from one hundred different countries – yup, an even one hundred. 1-0-0. I have been seen by people in countries as varied as Moldova, Qatar, Reunion and the Russian Federation. Of course, my biggest following in in The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada, but I am also “well read” in Japan, Australia and Germany. I am not naive enough to think I have been read by over 10,000 unique, different people – for sure, I have some “devoted readers” (thanks Martin, Sally, Judy, Paul, Dar, Dianne and others), but in those sixteen countries where my blog has been viewed only once – now those are the people I feel blessed to have shared my life and thoughts with.

Oh, BTW? Still not one view from Greenland – what is happening up there, LOL?

world flagsI think it is interesting to note that the tags “Favorite Things, Personal Growth, Personal Wealth and Relationships” have the highest “looks,” closely followed by “Gay, LGBT, Gay Husband and Fantasy” (go figure, right?)  Over the course of the year, I have blogged about immigration reform, LGBT equality, relationships, my marriage, gay everything-and-anything, the government, depression and joy – well, just whatever was on my mind that day. Thanks for hanging on for the always unpredictable ride…

I’d also like to take a sentence or two to thank my beloved Martin, my best friend, my husband, my muse and my soul mate, who always waits patiently as I “quickly” write my daily posts which typically take 45 minutes to two hours to complete (I am so NOT fast). Anyway, a big thanks/shout out to my former SBF (Sweet Boy Friend) , now my old BAC (Ball and Chain).

start finishI started on 01 January 2013, and I had originally planned to do exactly 366 entries, stopping on 01 January 2014, but now I am not sure.  I guess as long as people keep on enjoying my rantings, I will keep ranting. Anyway, today, THANK YOU. Thanks for your time and attention, thanks for listening and thanks for helping me find a voice…

I never, ever thought I’d “do” a 10K but, look – here I am! 

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