No More Business as Usual

I have to admit that, while I am passionate about a number of political issues, I frankly couldn’t have cared less about the government shut-down. To be totally honest, my life pretty much carried on as normal while those clowns in DC hosted the biggest pissing-match in recent history (sorry, sensitive readers).

boys fightingAnd, with all the “eleventh hour drama” and “deal-making” that went on, I’m not really even sure what happened or why. Ashamed as I am to admit it, I guess that “who-gives-a-hoot” attitude speaks volumes about my faith in our current government and, in a broader view, our current political system in general. That is sad. And it makes ME sad, too…


Listen I get it – non-essential government services and personnel were cut. People lost wages. People had crappy vacations (“No Old Faithful?”) And I regret all of those losses and inconveniences. But, again, the bigger picture here is that our current, seated government is – for the most part – a joke. America? We deserve better. And it’s about time we started demanding it – “better.” 

mad as hellI suggest we all dwell less on who voted how and more on how the Hell can we change the existing “politics as usual” stalemate… As my father so often says, “Change is coming, Son, you just wait. Just grab your ass, duck and wait. It’s a comin’ for sure.” 

In a way, I hope my Dad is wrong but increasingly, I hope my Dad is right. I mean, I can do without the duck-and-grab-your-ass part, but the rest? The CHANGE? It cannot get here soon enough for me…

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