Happy Birthday – Let’s Celebrate!

Today is my beloved Martin’s birthday, the fifth of his birthdays we have enjoyed together. We originally met over five years ago as the result of his birthday – a trip to meet me was his birthday gift. And I like to think it was the best gift ever (it was for me at least!)

cupcakeI wish I could share that I have some super big evening planned for us, or a huge party for my Angel; instead, we are staying home, maybe/maybe not going for a walk and watching a movie or two we rented from the library. I know – I am a lame husband. I should have had some super duper event planned but, to be honest, my Sweetie and I enjoy spending time together, just us. No offense to our amazing friends but some celebrations are meant to be personal, intimate and just between two people that really love one another. I think today/tonight will be one of those celebrations…

I have the man I love, free movies from the library and a lunar eclipse all waiting for me tonight. I better get my hands off this keyboard and go enjoy – and appreciate – all three… I am a lucky guy. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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