My Day Told with Hands and Fingers

I would like to share my day with you, using images of the human hand and fingers to illustrate the day I had/am having. Enjoy…

I walked into work and was immediately bombarded with emails and phone messages, including a call from a lady that insisted my son and I had installed her bathroom faucets less than a year ago. I explained to her calmly that I did not have a son and had no plumbing skills – she insisted I was joking. Ugh. It made me want to do this:

Men's hand signaling stop against isolated on white backgroundAs the day progressed, a hundred distractions at work, coupled with my innate lack of organizational skills and my habit of starting too many projects got me here:

FistAnd finally, by the end of the work day, bruised and battered, I was ready to submit my final appraisal of the day. It was not great. Judge? Your score, please:

thumbs downThe good news of the day? My beloved picked me up from work, we came home, had a delicious, nutritious salad for dinner, then went for an hour-long walk. While we were out, it started “misting rain,” which was kinda’ nice. The air was fresh, the world seemed a bit more calm and I got some much-needed and truly therapeutic one-on-one time with my guy. The day is ending like this:

finger smoochAnd now? I am going to post this post, check some emails for my Sweetie, then go cuddle and watch some TV before bedtime. I hope tomorrow is better/easier, and I hope my beloved and I have a GREAT day tomorrow (we have an important “appointment” tomorrow afternoon – more details later!)

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