There Were Four of Them, Right?

I acknowledge that as I continue to boldly go into my second half century, some things are definitely not what they used to be. I really need to get some glasses – readers, at least. I find myself repeating myself over and over – I guess my short term memory is fading. And – if I am being totally honest – I seem to be starting more and more conversations with the phrase, “I remember…” Eek. I’m old!!! All that aside – or maybe combined – leads me to this statement:

One thing I absolutely remember is that for a long time in my life, years progressed in the following “fashion” fashion –

November thru February – “winter coat”

pea coatMarch, April and May? – “light jacket”

JacketJune thru early/mid September – “tee shirt”

teeThen late September thru November – light jacket, and repeat.

This is how the cycle repeated every year. Sure, sometimes the window for each apparel item shifted a bit, depending on the weather, but I do distinctly remember this exact cycle. Now? I mean, what the Hell? Our weather is beyond comprehension. Two days ago, I was wearing a tee shirt and tennies with no socks. Today, I left work in a wool winter coat – with GLOVES on my hands – and walked home under an UMBRELLA, the snow was so wet. I mean, what gives with this weather?

It frightens me. I cannot understand what is happening. Is it global warming? (All thinking peoples’ theory). Are these signs of the impending “End Days?” (My dear, departed Grandmother’s theory). Has our unquenchable thirst for crude oil emptied so much of the Earth’s core that our planet is now wonky/spinning off balance, causing changes in weather patterns? (My Pop-pop’s theory).

I don’t know which theory is right but the current situation is really maddening.

Ohio now seems to have two seasons:


hot and humidand COLD and WET

cold and wet

I don’t care much for either – truth be told, I don’t care much for change, period.

Please come back to me, Four Seasons. I miss you Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Please tell me what to do; better yet, please tell me what to wear!!!

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