Decisions, decisions…

As usual, I have been a big procrastinator. Here we are, less than 24 hours away from the annual Halloween “SPOOKTACULAR” Event, and we have no firm costumes.

The plan for my Beloved and I to go as The Lone Ranger and Tonto (the Johnny Depp Tonto, BTW) fell through when we could not locate a bird for Martin’s head –

Johnny-Depp-TontoThen, we had planned on going as a pair of “walkers” from The Walking Dead but, while researching walker images, we realized we maybe didn’t have the mad make-up skills really required to pull off a “walker” successfully –

walkerThe thing is, last year we went as “Día de los Muertos Lovers” (Day of the Dead lovers – we weren’t married this time last year!) and – not to sound arrogant, we looked pretty dang awesome. Here we are – me, left, and my Beloved, right – Iphone 009So this year, I feel we have a “legacy” to continue. Sadly, the honest truth is, we are running out of time, and resources. Sigh. I MUST plan better NEXT year. Oh well, as handsome as my husband is, if nothing else, he can go as Gomez Addams –

Addams Familyand I will be his Uncle Fester. I mean, I already have the coat, LOL. It’s ALMOST Halloween. HOORAY!!!

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