The “Sounds of Halloween”

In a moment of weakness today, I selected the “Sounds of Halloween” channel on the music service we listen to at the studio. Imagine my surprise (not!) when the first song I heard was the 1962 smash “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers.

I. HATE. THAT. SONG. And I mean, HATE. H-A-T-E.

Monster Mashclick image above to be tortured by “Monster Mash”

Listen, I totally get it – there are, for every holiday, specific “seasonal” songs that never get listened to except, perhaps, for that specific holiday. New Year’s Eve? “Old Lang Syne.” Christmas? “Here We Come A Wassailing.” Thanksgiving? “Over The River And Through The Woods (To Grandmother’s House We Go).” And Halloween?

“Monster Mash.” Or “Thriller.” Or “Ghostbusters.” In fact, you can see/hear Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 Halloween Songs by clicking here.

I don’t know – I mean, I love Halloween. LOVE IT! But really? As far as seasonal music goes? Halloween music sucks. Sorry, famous-celebrated-artists-associated-with-Halloween-songs, but your music is pretty terrible even ON Halloween. Terrible.

Except maybe “Thriller.” I gotta’ say, Prince of Pop MJ, all these years later, your song still is pretty amazing. Plus – how many wedding receptions have been host to “The Thriller Dance Sequence?” Now THAT is something to celebrate!

Thrillerclick image above to watch the full, original “Thriller” video – enjoy!

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