Feels Like Christmas Eve

I know – Martin and I are TOTAL Halloween dorks. Halloween is Martin’s second favorite holiday (Christmas is first – barely!) and I like it, too. So tonight, on a night that oddly parallels Christmas Eve, we “got ready for Halloween” tomorrow. We’re excited!!!

We carved our pumpkins:


We agreed that we would try and maybe catch some kids out trick or treating tomorrow night in our neighborhood:


After dinner – and maybe trick-or-treat-er-watching, we will come home and watch, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:”


We’ll probably eat some junky food – candy, really:


Followed by a viewing of Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” (probably Martin’s FAVORITE movie of all time) – it is tradition:

Nightmare before Christmas

And then we will go to bed…


So, yeah, that is our Halloween night line-up, and the anticipation tonight feels a lot like Christmas Eve. It is nice to have “traditions” with your loved ones – especially your “special” loved one.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween tomorrow – we’ll check in after the movie!!! BOO!

Two ghosts

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