Any Size – $39.99

I’ll admit it – I am an interior design snob. Lots of things people buy make me crazy – you know, the like what-the-hell-were-you-thinking kind of crazy. I mean, I like to THINK I have an elevated design sense but really, people – some things are just obviously “bad.” And nothing brings out bad design like “The Holidays.” Case in point –

Christmas Cardinal Quilt and Sham set – Festive cardinal quilt and sham set has a red-and-green patchwork design with symbols of the season. Reverses to a green holly pattern. Includes shams for standard 20″ x 26″ pillows. Imported. Polyester/polyfill. Machine wash/dry. Twin, full, queen or king – any size, only $39.99/set.”

spreadIn an effort to make the world a better-designed and more beautiful place, here is some free “interior design advice” that will make things easier…

1. Avoid anything “reversible.”

2. The descriptor “Imported” means “Made in China.”

3. Live your life as if you are allergic to polyester/poly anything. You will thank me.

4. Never buy ANYTHING that comes in various sizes all for the same price. Never.

5. If a product looks like it might belong to a fictional character – in this case, Santa Claus, but this advice also applies to princesses, army men, dead rock stars and anything Grateful Dead – just say “No!”

Follow these five simple rules and you’ll be well on your way to living a more gracious, beautiful and well-designed life. You are welcome… 

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