Do Nothing Sunday

In sharp contrast to my usually ridiculous daily schedule, today I have officially decided to do nothing. That’s right, it is “Do Nothing Sunday.” And, so far? So good…

Do Nothing SundayI must admit, the hardest part about committing to having a Do Nothing Sunday was battling the inner guilt – the innate drive to be doing “something” – laundry, bills, work stuff, housework, heck, even catching up on episodes of “Glee.” But, today my Beloved has a small headache (stress-related, I think, from school) and I have about ZERO motivation to do anything, so – BEHOLD! – it’s Do Nothing Sunday.

Lazy teeI must confess – embarrassingly – that it was a little easier than I thought it would be to embrace the whole do-nothing concept. Honestly? It feels almost like second nature to me (I’m not sure what that says, exactly, about my character/work ethic but, what the heck, right?) So today, my friends, while you still have a few good hours left to waste, I encourage each of you to dedicate this day to the pursuit of doing nothing. You’ll be happy you did, I promise…

And – if you are still troubled by the idea – let me assure you that it does take more effort than one might think to do nothing so, in a way, it IS like we are all doing something, right?

do nothing



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