Go With the Flow?

People that follow my blog know that my husband is from Europe. And up until this past June, when Section 3 of DOMA was repealed by The Supreme Court of The United States (thanks again, BTW!), my Beloved and I had often worried about how we would remain together here in The United States once his student VISA ran out. However, once DOMA was overturned, it became possible for me to sponsor my husband for a green card – and ultimately, citizenship – via a spousal VISA. Hooray! It seemed that all we had to do was file some paperwork, appear before a USCIS agent and “prove” our relationship was real.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, so far, the process has been anything but easy. We have started/stalled several times – there is a definite “flow” that must happen and we have encountered a number of hiccups throughout the process. I mean, American citizens – can you produce your childhood vaccination records? Americans, can you remember your last three addresses/the dates you lived at each/the phone numbers? Do you have access to contacts/information for your last ten years of employment? I have to admit, our flow chart is more layered than this one:

empty flow chart basicEssentially, the way this works is MSW and I start in the upper left-hand corner and, after lawyers and doctors, forms and filings, finger printing and testifying, we should exit lower right with a green card for my husband. Ugh. The thing is, with each oval and box, add a few more days and – almost always – a few more dollars. More than few more dollars, really. And each “next step” is predicated on the previous, so when doctor so-and-so isn’t in till Monday to OK a form, and fax it over to another doctor who isn’t in till Wednesday – and the woman that does the paperwork only works on Tuesdays and Fridays, well you get the picture. It is almost an hourly-daily-weekly tug of war, following up on this, making sure that happens. It.Is. Exhausting.

stop and go sign

It is also kinda’ spirit -crushing at times. Yet, when my Sweetie tells me that I am his everything – and he is mine – it makes it all worth it. Do I wish it were all over? Yessir. Do I wish it were easier, less layered, less expensive? You bet! But, after five years together and being about three months into the legal process, I think we are really, really close to our final filing.

Good thoughts, everyone. Please, cross your fingers – and if you w/could, ask The Universe to let us hit the Mega Ball jackpot. It feels like we ALL deserve a big, BIG party to celebrate once everything is over. And we WILL celebrate. Promise… 

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