Fly Away Home – Please

“Ladybug, ladybug” is chanted by children when a ladybug lands on their person. If the ladybug doesn’t fly away of its own accord, the child will gently blow it away, chanting “Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home.” Cute, right?

Ladybug in a twig 03I vaguely remember playing this game as a child. And it was kinda’ fun I suppose. The thing is, as a child, you have a much different perception of things. Ladybugs were sweet and cute. However, now an adult, I see ladybugs as a pest. An annoying, obnoxious pest. You see, every year, as winter comes on, it seems our apartment turns into the winter vacation home for ladybugs.

One little ladybug is adorable – that said, corners of our porch and bedroom ceilings look more like this:

lotsa lady bugsYeah, right? Ugh. Gross. Bugs are bugs – ladybugs, ants, worms, etc. All bugs are disagreeable to me. And I get it – ladybugs are beneficial for gardening, natural and organic, blah. blah. blah. You know where ladybugs are NOT beneficial? My bathroom ceiling. And really – is there anything MORE annoying than a ladybug circling to its death inside an overhead light fixture? Buzz, click, silence. Buzz, clink, silence. Help me…

I know Fall is all but over and soon Winter will be upon us with full force. Soon the ladybugs will be gone. But for now? I WISH they would all just “fly away home.”



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