And Now We Wait

Today, my beloved Martin and I submitted the final paperwork to our attorney and our application/request for a spousal-based green card for my husband is currently winging its way to Chicago via FedEx. Once there, the application will be returned to the Cleveland USCIS office (United States Customs and Immigration Services office) for scheduling. I know, pretty efficient, right?

FedEx planeI am not exaggerating a bit when I share that the stack of forms, applications and “supportive evidence documents” that our attorney held was no less than one inch thick – it looked like half a ream of printer paper. Anyway, once the application/petition has been entered, our next step will be my Angel’s biometric exam appointment – it sounds a lot scarier than it is…

biometric examThe exam supposedly takes fifteen minutes and is, in essence, a finger printing session. Once THAT is done, then comes our “personal interviews” where one man or woman will weigh the evidence we have presented, gauge our sincerity and decide if our relationship is “real and genuine” or a sham.

thumbs up or downI have no doubt that our relationship will be deemed “genuine” (please feel free to think only good thoughts!) but it is a bit, um, troubling that we have to go to such great lengths to “prove it.” That said, I am cautiously optimistic that all will proceed quickly and without hurdles. And please, again – send prayers and good thoughts our way…

As I understand it, now is just the waiting part of the process. Sigh. I have never been very patient. I am of German descent and we are not a patient people and goodness, don’t even get me started on my spouse’s patience, LOL! Anyway, now we wait – hopefully not too long.

crossing off the daysIt is kinda’ funny, though – as we look at filing dates and project out this examination and that interview, well, I guess I just keep seeing Christmas out of the corner of my eye. I must say, I cannot think of a better Christmas gift, this year or EVER, than my MSW receiving his green card. Talk about one gift that we would never return, is sure to be “just right” and is something that we really, really want…

Please, Universe – and Santa – please make it so? THANKS!


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