REAL Friends

I believe The Universe speaks to me.

Most times, I just don’t pay attention or I am too thick to even “see” its message but, when I do, I often receive profound advice, or a reminder of what is important and what matters…

I heard The Universe today.

I was going through a random folder on my desktop marked “THK Stuff” – you know, the folder that has all that stuff you never know what to do with, or whether you should delete it or not, like all your selfies and that Crock Pot Cashew Chicken recipe you saved off Facebook and all that other junk. So, when I opened the folder, this jumped out at me:


Weird as it sounds, I had just been thinking about two people that – I thought – had been like two of my “besties” that suddenly (and for no reason), simply vanished from my life. We three had been friends for almost two decades – we had vacationed together, done all sorts of crazy stuff and, like I said, for no reason I can determine, they simply decided not to be my friends anymore. Their “disappearance” happened more than seven years ago and I still wonder why. Anyhow, something happened today at work that reminded me of them and, for a brief moment, my heart was sad again, even after all this time.

So, it seems The Universe is speaking directly to me today through this meme, saved by me who knows when, that appears on a day I really need it. Thanks, Universe, for reminding me that it is always quality over quantity. Thanks for helping me grow up. And to my two former friends, wherever you are now, for whatever reason we are no longer friends, well, that is all on you. I plan on doing my best to remember only the good times we shared and forget about the pain you caused me when you vanished into thin air.

The thing is, I have AMAZING real friends right here, right now, that love and support me so no more energy – ever – wasted on wondering “Why?” Too bad for you two, really – I think I am a pretty great guy and I am sad for you that you no longer have me in your lives.

Thanks again, Universe, for the Pity Party “Bitch Slap” – I needed that today!

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