That’s a BIG Number, Right?

11000 sunriseEarlier today, my humble little blog received its 11,000th “view” – that seems mind-boggling to me for a number of reasons (about 11,000 really, LOL!)

When I started five – a blog on 01 January of this year, I nicknamed it my 365 Project, with the goal being to blog once a day for the entire year. I chose this project for a number of reasons – I wanted to hone my writing skills, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with people I would probably never meet in person, I wanted (hoped) to “make a difference in the world” by sharing my experiences as a gay man in my mid fifties in a binational relationship and, most of all, I guess I just wanted to see if I could “do it.”

The last goal has sometimes proven to be the hardest.

Some days, the “well is dry” as they say. I think once or twice I have posted “cute kitten pics” just to have a post that day; other days, I have been so fired up that my blog seemed like a Stephen King book (long and rambling). I don’t think I have repeated a topic, or at least hope I haven’t written the same things, twice. A number of weeks ago, I suffered a long and angry period where, honestly, my posts looked like the ravings of someone with borderline personality disorder. Yet, through all of it, I have continued to peck away at the keyboard and thousands of eyes have read my efforts. It is both ego-boasting and very humbling.

Anyway, I wanted to say “THANKS” to everyone that has taken the time to digest the tripe I commit to paper. It is fun for me – I hope it is fun for you, too. We are in the home stretch of the 365 – I think I have about fifty-three more posts to go.

I plan to continue blogging beyond the 365 mark. As long as someone reads, I will write…

Glasses Pen Paper

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