Too Soon, Too Soon!

Today is November 9th – NOVEMBER – and Christmas is 46 days away, a little over six weeks. And yet, “Santa” has already arrived at one of our local shopping malls – at least one, maybe more. I mean, what the Hell?

Mall SantaNow, please understand, I LOVE Christmas. Love.It. And – I am ashamed to admit – as an owner of a small retail boutique – I will be setting up our Christmas tree and Christmas windows this week. But Santa Claus? In the flesh?

Santa ClausAgain – trust me – I LOVE Christmas and everything about the season, especially the “Jolly Old Elf” himself but really? To have Santa appearing here, now – well, it’s just too soon. Too soon. Beyond all the commercialization and exploitation of the holiday, I guess I really just believe that by Santa “appearing” so early, well, as dorky as it sounds, I fear the “magic” will be lost. Children will stop believing and, in a way, that lack of belief makes me stop believing, too. And that makes me sad…

As a child, I waited all year for Christmas. I was always excited to celebrate Thanksgiving because I knew what was coming just around the corner – gifts and cookies and candy and visits from/with loved ones. It was amazing and magical. Now, I fear, Thanksgiving is only the “…day before Black Friday” and Christmas is just an excuse to spend time – and money! – at the mall. By the time actual Christmas DOES roll around, kids will have been so overexposed to it that it will simply become another day they get gifts, like birthdays, or First Holy Communion, or graduation. And that sucks…

GiftsSo before Christmas loses ALL its meaning, maybe we could all SLOW IT DOWN a bit, you know? Maybe we could at least acknowledge Thanksgiving (sorry, Turkey Day!) and wait to start celebrating Christmas in conjunction with the arrival of December? I mean, maybe I am a purist (and a former Catholic – Advent calendar?) but, if we continue to exploit and commercialize Christmas, I worry that soon it will have an inherent value and significance akin to a Memorial Day Mattress Sale, or a Free-Financing Good Friday. It makes me sad to see Christmas being systematically stripped of any sort of meaning, other than a gift deadline…

So, friends, please – be kind to Santa but PLEASE “keep him under wraps” at LEAST till December first, less the entire Christmas holiday season becomes the same as a weekend clearance sale. I guess I am just not ready to see this yet:

Used Christmas tree

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