Not a Box of Chocolates

I’m sorry, Forrest – life is NOT like a box of chocolates; it is definitely more like a carnival ride. And not an easy, wimpy one like the antique cars, you know, the ones that run on a guide track so you cannot go “off road?” Life is more like a terrifying roller coaster,

roller coaster… full of “false starts” and stops. Crazy, rushing moments when you feel completely out of control and maybe even moments when your whole world seems upside down. You are excited one moment and then scared to death the next.

Work has been a lot like that for me lately – a never-ending, thrill-a-minute ride…

Tilt-O-WhirlI mean, work has been CRAZY lately. Much like Tilt-O-Whirl, some days I feel like I am spinning and spinning in an endless circle, moving so fast that my feet don’t even touch the ground. Please don’t misunderstand me; a LOT of really “good stuff” has been happening at work but we have also been handed a fair number of challenges, too.

Maybe that is how it is supposed to be. Good and bad. Fast and slow. Up and down. Giddy and sick to your stomach…

SwingsI have wanted my own business my entire life. On 17 November, supported by my husband for five-plus years and my business partner/best bud Scott for even longer, our little design studio/store will celebrate its sixth birthday. HOORAY! Hard to believe, right? I know – me too! But sometimes? I feel every single hour of every single day of those almost six years. I have felt that way a LOT lately…

Thing is, eventually the carnival midway slows down and what remains is just happiness and joyful memories. I am not quite ready for the memories but man-o-man, I am DEFINITELY ready for some “just happiness.” Thanks in advance, Universe – I appreciate it! 

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