Old Dog, New Trick

Frequently I am reminded that I was born during the last century and that I am, essentially, a technology dinosaur

dinosaursI mean, I thought I was pretty on top of it all – I can email, I have a Facebook page, I blog AND I “tweet.” I mean, heck, seems like I am all OVER the whole technology thing, right? Seriously – I can embed an image in an email AND attach it as a file. I hate to brag, but I can scan as well and I am also old enough to remember how to fax. C’mon – I’m a technology god, correct?

hands on keyboardSadly, it turns out I am not (a technology god). Why? Well tonight, as I was punishing my darling spouse with tales of work, showing him images of items we have selected for a model unit we’re doing, I mentioned to him that I needed to send an email and “walk the clients” through the installation. I figured I would send an email, embed images of our selections, with the reasons for each in the captions and send them to our clients for their approval. He asked me why I didn’t create a slide show presentation with a voice-over narrative. Huh?


Oh yeah, apparently my Sweetie has a program on his laptop – PowerPoint, I believe – that will allow me (meaning him, LOL!) to create a slide show with the images of the items, then let me create a running voice-over narrative for each image, “saying” what I would have been writing in the captions. Radical. What a time saver!

microphoneTo be honest, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this advanced technology. I’m also not sure if I have a good “radio voice” but my Beloved is confident I will do well. I have a slight reservation that not everyone will be able to view/hear the slide show but, I guess, we will find out. Sigh…

Do you ever wake up and feel like the world has raced forward while you were still washing your face, getting ready for work? I mean, I am the guy that had a smart phone for two weeks before I finally humbled myself and asked my Angel how to “dial out” on it – I couldn’t figure out how to call up the numeric keyboard! Anyway, maybe I will give this whole slide show thing a try. Who knows? Hopefully our clients will be impressed with our “coolness.”

I just hope they don’t sit there and giggle as my voice issues from their speakers…

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