Do I get a garlic pickle with that advice?

Sometimes The Universe sends me moments to remind me that life is not that serious all the time. I had one of those moments today…

My Beloved has a VERY busy Thursday planned this week – his day will probably begin before 9AM and end after 9PM. During those twelve hours, he will volunteer for two different student organizations, take part in an important on-campus faculty event, take a 3.5 hour class and lead a 2.5-3 hour meeting at the end of it all. He is my little over-achiever for sure…

Anyway, one of the events this Thursday is the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon for one of the student organizations which he serves as President (he is actually President of TWO student groups on campus – told you he is an over-achiever). Given the events/length of his day, we have been trying to come up with an idea for something he could take to school and share at the luncheon that would be good, seasonally-appropriate and, best of all? Disposable after the event. No dirty dishes to lug around after. No silverware to “keep track of” all day. So, we put our heads together and decided it would be easiest to order a tray of mini croissant sandwiches – something turkey with maybe a slathering of cranberry relish or something to make them more “Thanksgiving-y-ish.”

turkey croissant sandwichSo, menu decided, I call our local deli, asking about prices for a “Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray.” I was lucky enough to get an employee named Shaunna. She listened to my initial request, perused their menu of deli tray offerings then gave me the price: 20 mini turkey croissants, with American and Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce and condiment packets (mayo/mustard) on the side for $29.99. Not SO bad, but my Angel really only needs about a dozen sandwiches. Plus, I wanted turkey off the bone, one or no cheese, cranberry relish not mustard packets and, like I said, a dozen sandwiches, not 20. Shaunna listened to all my requests patiently – she was really polite, friendly and funny – and seemed to be deep in thought when I finished my request (demands?) list. Then I asked her this question:

“So, Shaunna, having heard all that, what do you recommend I do?”

Without so much as a breath – and with no smart-ass tone or attitude – she simply said:

“If I was you, I’d come here, buy a dozen croissants, some lunch meat and that cranberry stuff you want and make my OWN sandwiches. You’ll get what you want plus, you’ll save money.”

Sandwich fixinsI laughed at loud – not out of disrespect, but because she had said exactly what I would have said to me. I explained my reaction to her, apologized for laughing and said I thought she would suggest another tray package. She was resolute:

“No, baby, just come buy what you want and make your own sandwiches. You can do it.” 

I thanked her, chuckled again and told her I was going to think about it. She politely thanked me for calling and let me know that she was there if I needed help…

Shaunna made me smile – no, actually LAUGH – today, after a few not-great-days in a row. My Beloved and I have since decided to take another food direction, but Shauna? THANK YOU for your honest, sincere advice and generous offer for assistance. While you may not be great at up-selling, you were exactly what I needed today. Thank you for that (and wish me luck on my cream cheese and pickle pinwheels!)

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