Modern Christmas Trees

So today, Christmas arrived at our house. Well, it started arriving… My Beloved has worked like a dog all day, assembling the tree, putting out a bahjillion snowmen and snowwomen (is that a word?) and pretty liberally dusting our apartment with “holiday-ness.”

I love it, and I love him FOR it.

Anyway, as I began my blog post today and was looking at Christmas tree images for my post, I came upon this FANTASTIC photo, courtesy of Site07:

modern_xmas_full_red_3image courtesy Site07

Site07 is the brainchild of a gentleman named Douglas Koke. From his site:

My name’s Douglas Koke. I’m a freelance designer, videographer, editor, filmmaker, photographer and motion-graphics artist based in Denver, Colorado. 

The image above is from a series of stills taken from a video he shot entitled “Case Study: Modern Christmas Trees.” You can see other images and the video by clicking on the photo above or by clicking here.

The images are breathtaking – I felt compelled to share them. Thanks, Doug – whoever you are – for being so awesome at what you do…

2 responses to “Modern Christmas Trees

  1. Hi — I’m Doug Koke. As much as I would love to take credit for creating these fantastic trees, I’m not the person responsible.

    I did shoot all the photos, and I made the promotional videos, but the trees have been brought to market by an insanely nice man named Matt Bliss, who based them off of a design invented by his grandpa.

    You can check them out at
    A portion of every sale goes towards funding Alzheimer’s research, too!

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