A New Happy Place

As a veteran of many – MANY – years of therapy, I have learned to “go to my happy place” whenever I feel off balance, blue or otherwise less-than-happy. I have had a challenging few days and, I must admit, I felt the need to go to my happy place today. Not go, actually – ESCAPE to my happy place. Imagine my surprise when I closed my eyes to go there, and I was in an unexpected place. My mind decided I needed a new happy place.

Look up to the redwood skyMy new happy place is broad, wide and green. Its earthy and spiritual, a place I remember well. It is Muir Woods, a redwood forest outside San Francisco, a beautiful green, calming place I visited with my Beloved about eighteen months ago. We enjoyed a gorgeous day there – the weather was exceptional and, if you have never been in the presence of giant redwoods, well, they definitely have a way of grounding you. They live hundreds of years and are hundreds of feet tall; we live “hundred” of years – if we are lucky – and are typically less than six feet tall.

Giant redwoods “put things in perspective.”

Martin and I enjoyed a great day at Muir Woods. It was warm and sunny, and the forest felt fresh and new and alive. It really was an amazing day, just one of several my Sweetie and I enjoyed together on a fantastic vacation. I am smiling now as I write this because it is clear to me why this is my happy place today.

path among the redwoodsIt all makes sense to me now, why my mind (soul?) “changed” my happy place to Muir Woods. Sure, Muir Woods is great but my Angel is awesome… I needed to return to a place that gave me a sense of calm, a sense of perspective and a sense of place in The Universe. I also needed to go to a place where I felt loved and safe and protected. Being among the redwood giants with my husband made me feel all those things. It was nice to be back there today, to feel that again. Thanks, giant redwoods, and thanks, my Beloved.

dappled light through the redwoods 

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