Thankful Ramblings

I am on Day Two of a three day “escape” from work and, quite honestly, couldn’t be happier. I had a fantastic day yesterday, as I shared in my early AM, brief-but-still-committed-to-blogging post, the one with the pic of the sleeping kitten. Yesterday, my Beloved and I spent a very enjoyable day together with two dear friends. The day ended with dinner at a decadent Italian restaurant, and we enjoyed that experience again today as we re-heated those two take-home boxes. In case you ever wondered, day old pasta with early harvest peas, fresh tomato and Romano-encrusted chicken breast, all in a roasted garlic Parm sauce, is STILL delicious on Day Two…

pastaIf you think THIS looks good, OMG, you should have seen my REAL dinner. 

Today, my Angel visited with his family via Face Time – we got to “play” with his nine-month old niece. She is just learning how to talk AND crawl – her parents are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But she is beautiful and special, and visiting with her was the high point of the day for sure. All of our other nieces and nephews – from my side of the family – are all now ten years old or older, so it is renewing and amazing to spend time with someone who is less than ten months old. I wish MY biggest challenge was trying to figure out how faces and voices appear through a smart phone – oh, yeah, that WAS my biggest problem when I got the new 5, LOL!

Face TimeRemember when we used to “call long distance” and that was a big deal?

I am also off tomorrow, but have a few chores to do – I need to send my GREAT nephew’s Christmas package, prepare/mail our holiday cards (we send out about 140 or so) and we have had our Christmas tree assembled and lit for a week now, with three ornaments on it. Oops. So, yeah, I will probably have to “work” tomorrow, even though I am technically off.

TreeNot our tree – or, our living room – but you get the idea…

This week is insane for both me and MSW – I have a crushing installation for work on Friday, prefaced by a marathon shopping spree for that project on Tuesday evening (we are doing an 1100+ square foot model unit for a new development), my business partner and I have a dinner meeting Thursday for an upcoming design “showcase” we are doing with a dozen other designers/artists and then there is always the every day responsibility of just regular work at the store. My Angel has his biometric exam this week (the next step on our journey to attain permanent, legal residency for him), at least one final and one regular exam at school and three or four meetings in addition to the obligations listed. Yeah, we have a busy week, at the busiest time of the year. But – fortunately – we also have each other, and have had these past two days to exhale and relax a bit before re-entering the arena…

exhaustedLet me get back to you AFTER 17 December on that, or anything, really.

I know I had committed to posting thankful posts the week of Thanksgiving, but I got a little sidetracked by other events that week. I guess the purpose of this entry is just to say THANK YOU to The Universe for the life I have – I am a lucky guy…

Now, I better get my day organized for tomorrow or else I’ll be behind before the week even begins! Have a GREAT week everyone! 

ThankfulThank you, Universe, for an amazing husband, great friends/family and my great life!

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