Holiday Traditions: Christmas Cards

I think I mentioned yesterday that one of my projects today was tackling our Christmas cards, or using the more “PC” terminology, our holiday cards. Between the two of us, my Sweetie and I mail out over 160 cards each year. Yeah, I know, I know – so “old school,” but I love sending and receiving cards at Christmas. I can remember my Mom working for what seemed like WEEKS preparing and then sending out her cards – sorted by state, zip code and size, she bundled them off to the post office each year about ten days before Christmas. And my Mom was serious – she had a “Christmas Card Log” – an address book with a Sent/Rec’d column you would date by year.

Miss my Mom for two years running? You’d be OFF the list…

Cards have always been fun for me. One year, I stumbled across like six boxes of vintage cards at a thrift store (when cards came twenty to a box!), so I sent out cards that looked like this; in fact, I actually REMEMBER sending out this very card!

Christmas bellsThat was a fun year – all my friends thought I had lost my mind and spent too much time hanging out in thrift stores and resale shops (Apparently, none of my friends appreciated the history or sentiment of those fabulous vintage cards)…

For many years, I lusted for Christmas cards from MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in NYC). They are chic and “fancy” and not too common; they are also expensive! I mean, at six or eight cards to the box, I almost went bankrupt mailing out a card very similar to this 3-D, foil-embossed, die-cut beauty:

MOMA card

Yeah, it looks fantastic here but not only was it hard to “write a message” anywhere on those reindeer bodies, stuffing them into the envelopes was a nightmare as well. Sigh…

This year, Martin and I are sending a few different cards, to match the different personalities of the recipients. Also – being PC – we have to send “holiday cards” to our Jewish and Muslim friends. So I spent the day surrounded by a few stacks of different cards, my pre-printed address labels (I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hubbub for doing that for me!) and the obligatory, torturous bowl of card “sprinkles” that Martin and I have become known for:

holiday confettiOh yeah, that’s us – the guys that “glitter bomb” your kitchen floor when you open the card. Sorry. We love that stuff. It makes us smile…

I made it about halfway through our list, although our “foreign cards” are leaving tomorrow. I crab and complain about cards every year but, honestly? I love the tradition – it reminds me of my Mom and takes me back in time to when Christmas was less “Black Friday/Save 50%”-ish and more about friends, family, faith and joy. Christmas cards bring me joy.

So much joy, in fact, that we traditionally send out “Christmas in July” cards mid-summer. Now THAT is real holiday spirit!

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